Vision, Mission , Motto, Culture, Core Values and Attributes

Terna Vidyalaya is more than its educational programs, examinations, and awards. At our heart, we are motivated by a mission to create a better world through education. We are a progressive school, and intentionally diverse community committed to a tradition of life-long learning, educational innovation, community welfare and social leadership. 


Terna Vidyalaya aspires to be a vibrant self-aware learning community striving for excellence through knowledge and skill for greater peace, well-being, and prosperity of its immediate environment and the world.


Terna Vidyalaya is committed to providing a knowledge and skill based education which fosters excellence that meets each students interest, abilities, and needs within a common, yet intrinsically differentiated,curricular framework set in a positive learning environment to develop communication skills and leadership attributes while nurturing inquiring,knowledgeable,skilled and caring young people who have a deep sense of appreciation for the rich Indian culture and traditions and help to create a better,peaceful and more prosperous world through inter-culture tolerance,understanding and respect without losing sight of their own ethnic identity and their roots.




Our school's learning culture encourages students to develop their intellectual independence, communication, creativity, and curiosity, reflects and promotes an understanding of,and appreciation for, diversity in our community, both within the school and in the world at large, and thereby become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who are ready to assume leadership responsibilities and strive for excellence in this world.


Our core values are what differentiate us as an institution and serve as underlying themes for all our communications.

The core attributes of the Terna Vidyalaya reflect the characteristics most shared by its faculty, students, alumni, and staff: An uncommon intelligence that embraces risk and is driven by the restless University, tenacious exploration of ideas and unwillingness to accept impossibilities, tempered by a measure of humility and sharp wit.              

Self-awareness, creative and flexible thinking, principled, knowledge, open minded, lifelong learning, proactive, communicator, team person, caring, responsible, humor are the core values and attributes which we believe in and follow.